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Providing Sheets & Plates to Clients Throughout the Southeast

Sabel Steel has been in business since 1856, and our time in the steel industry has taught us to adapt to the ever-changing demands of our Southeast customers. We proudly serve industry professionals in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana with a wide array of steel and other metal products for their construction needs. Clients in fields like transportation, oil, mining, agriculture, and other essential industries located in places like Southeast, AL get sheets and plates from us. Our inventory includes professionally processed steel and alloy options cut and sized to your specifications. If you have a project that calls for hot rolled or cold rolled sheets or floor plates, we have you covered.

welding metal

Custom Solutions on High-Quality Metal Products

When you need metal sheets and plates in various sizes and dimensions, Sabel Steel has an extensive inventory of options available. We cut our high-quality steel sheets and plates into a broad range of lengths, widths, and other specifications to fit your project needs. Our selection of durable carbon steel, alloys, and production processes ensure you get custom solutions ready to use at your worksite. Whether you need hot rolled or cold rolled sheets, or your project requires high-strength, abrasion-resistant steel plates, we can help you complete your structure without sacrificing quality to fit your budget. We offer all the following sheet and plate options for clients in various industries:

  • Carbon Steel, Hot Rolled
  • Pressure Vessel
  • High Strength, Low Alloy
  • Abrasion-Resistant Steel Plates
  • Construction Alloy Steel Plates
  • Hot Rolled Steel Floor Plates
  • Hot Rolled Sheets
  • Cold Rolled Sheets
  • T-1 Alloy
  • Floor Plates

Dedicated to Outstanding Customer Service

Industry professionals depend on steel products to complete their construction projects, so they need a provider they can trust with their supply needs. Sabel Steel has built our business history on tradition combined with customer service. We form and maintain relationships with our clients to understand their onsite construction and what specific steel and alloy products they require for the best quality and longest-lasting results. Our customer service is about connecting with clients to create long-term collaboration built on consistent product delivery that meets or exceeds their expectations.

Sabel Steel Is Ready to Serve You

Make sure you put your project steel supply needs in Sabel Steel’s capable hands. Our seasoned and well-trained staff will work with you to determine the precise products you need, including high-quality sheets and plates.

Serving a Variety of Industries Since 1856