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High-Quality, Custom Metal Processing Services

Sabel Steel values every client’s steel project. We understand simple beams and sheets sometimes need custom processing to prepare them for use in a structure. We offer clients in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana locations top-notch metal processing, including sawing, shearing, & burning. Our expert team uses the industry’s most effective techniques and equipment to ensure you get the best results.

metal processing in factory

Serving the Southeasts Metal and Fabrication Needs

Sabel Steel combines quality and timeliness in every processing service, and we provide it with outstanding customer service to ensure your experience leaves you completely satisfied. We have been in business since 1856 because we evolve with industry technology, materials, and customer demands.

Comprehensive Services to Process Your Metals

You deserve unmatched precision and quality when it comes to processing your metal components. Whether your specifications streamline the structural fabrication process or customize the dimensions of your beams, sheets, and other items, Sabel Steel can help you. Below are descriptions of all our processing services:

Plate and Sheet Processing

We perform processing with exceptional-quality workmanship and cutting tolerances to save you time and money. Bring us your stainless steel, carbon, high-strength, and aluminum orders, and we will carefully process them to your specifications with a quick turnaround.

  • Plasma, Oxy-Fuel, and Shearing
  • Forming
  • Full CNC Machining
  • Drilling
  • CNC Beveling
  • Quick Mill
Structural Processing

Our team uses the best and most trusted technology to process your structural components. One prime example is our punching service to ensure speed in your structural fabrications. You can always expect us to use the most exacting processing methods possible to complete your order.

  • Cut-to-Length
  • Beam Splitting and Straightening
  • Mitre Cutting
  • Punching
Bar, Pipe, and Tubing

Every client’s order is important to us, and we dedicate ourselves to completing each order using careful and timely processing techniques. Whether you need precision sawing or custom punching, our experts’ extensive training and experience ensure top-quality results.

  • Cut-to-Length Sawing – Precision sawing to meet the most critical time frames
  • Mitre Cutting – To the closest tolerances
  • Punching – To meet your specifications
  • Drilling – Within the closest tolerance
  • Rolling – To your production requirements
Laser Cutting

This cutting-edge processing technology lets us make custom cuts in your metal with exceptional precision. The focused laser beam melts through the material in a localized area to produce a continuous cut. We control the laser using a computer to guide the process.

Serving a Variety of Industries Since 1856