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Sabel Steel’s Baton Rouge Service Center

Sabel Steel Baton Rouge, LA

Sabel Steel’s Baton Rouge Service Center was acquired in 2002 and moved into its’ current new “State of the Art” location on North Flannery Road in 2008. Sabel Steel Baton Rouge provides daily delivery of stock, custom cut, and plasma burned parts to the Petro chemical, Marine, and other fabrication industries in Louisiana and South Western Mississippi.


2809 Flannery Road
PO Box 45888
Baton Rouge, LA 70895

Phone Numbers

Local: 225-356-9812
Toll Free: 877-797-8335



Customer Service Team

Ron Taylor

Branch Manager

Dan Sturgeon

Assistant Manager

Cheree Breaux

Inside Sales

Julie Simpson

Inside Sales

Tommie Ruiz

Inside Sales

Troy Myers

Outside Sales: 225-485-7522

Mark McBrooom

Outside Sales: 225-436-0291

Randy Collins

Warehouse Superintendent

Serving a Variety of Industries Since 1856