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Lightweight Aluminum Products Throughout the Southeast

Sometimes, steel is not the best option for your construction project. Other metals might be too heavy or not thermally conductive enough for your specific application. Sabel Steel offers a wide array of solutions to clients throughout Georgia, Louisiana, and Alabama. Our aluminum products have the weight, durability, and conductivity you need to complete your project, and we process all these items using the industry’s best methods and quality standards. Our business was founded in 1856, and throughout the decades, we have evolved with the ever-changing demands of our clients in the Southeast. Aluminum is one way we serve today’s construction projects with exceptional materials.

aluminum roll

Wide Selection of Products to Choose From

Sabel Steel is well-versed in today’s construction needs and the materials companies rely on to produce high-quality structures. We offer aluminum components as an alternative to steel products because of the many benefits this metal provides. Aluminum can be used in many building applications in industries like mining, oil, and agriculture. Our collection of aluminum products includes the following:

  • Sheets
  • Plates
  • Bars
  • Angles
  • Channels
  • Beams
  • Structural
  • Pipes
  • Tubing

Benefits of Using Aluminum for Your Project

Aluminum is outstanding construction material for many reasons, making it a cost-effective method to complete a broad range of structures and applications. Some notable benefits of aluminum products include the following:

Light Weight

Aluminum is one-third the weight of steel, making it cheaper and easier to transport than many other metals. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to fabricate into a wide array of products.

Corrosion Resistance

With a naturally generated protective coating, aluminum resists corrosion very effectively. The thin coating occurs when aluminum encounters an oxidizing environment.

Thermal and Electrical Conductivity

Aluminum acts as an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, making it a compatible metal for applications involving electrical products.

Ductility and Reflectivity

You can use aluminum in devices like light fittings because it reflects light and heat very effectively. With reflective components, keeping rooms lit and comfortable is simple.

Impermeable and Odorless

Another selling point of aluminum is its impermeability, preventing it from taking in smells. It is also non-toxic and works well around food, pharmaceuticals, and other sensitive products.


Aluminum is not only 100% recyclable. It also retains all its original properties during the recycling process. Using a recycled metal can be more cost-effective than using prime metal dug out of the ground.

Sabel Steel Supplies the Construction Industry

If you need aluminum products like sheets, plates, beams, or pipes, Sabel Steel has a wide selection of top-quality items. We make customer service a priority and work hard to ensure every client has the best possible service experience.

Serving a Variety of Industries Since 1856