Oil and Energy Changes in the US

In the past few years, we’ve seen more changes in the oil, gas, and energy industries than we have in decades. According to our friends at ChemPlants.com, just in the past few years alone, we’ve shifted from a normal oil supply balance to a glut of oil, which led to a price crash that affected the world. This crash led to detrimental long-term project delays for new offshore wells in deep water that also halted the majority of new productions.

Despite setbacks, the US still continued to show growth because of our major improvements in oil drilling. Geologists in the United States found oil and gas deep inside non-porous shale, which was typically ignored to instead look for oil in easier places to drill. Oil wells were able to produce faster than before after developing a technique that fractured shale rock by lengthening the natural cracks in vertical walls by using high-pressure water. This method was a success and even improved further by Energy and Power companies in Louisiana, Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania that combine this method with horizontal drilling into shale deposits.

More export terminals were built after people saw the growth of Natural Gas and NG liquids for chemicals, plastics, and fertilizers. Previously, in 2000, we were worried about a shortage of Natural Gas. Production of NG has grown so fast that many are concerned that we will exceed our pipeline capacity when we need it. Despite changes in the Oil, Gas, and Energy industries Sabel Steel will still work closely with those in the Energy Sector to provide the steel you need with the same level of personal service you have come to expect. We are poised to continue to do so no matter what changes happen.